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Since 1929 when we originated the automatic sausage linker, Famco has been the standard for sausage production, reliability and most of all consistency of performance. Every Famco is the product of more than half a century of constant product improvement. Today, Famco can build you one of three different machines that can efficiently match your requirements for various types of products. Famco linkers are sized for the largest to the smallest production runs. FAMCO -- the only name you should trust when you want the most effective, profitable and long lasting equipment for your linking needs. Famco linkers are an integral part of any collagen casing pork sausage operation. They automatically assure uniformity of link length and with the uniform diameter of collagen casing, portion control results! Eliminates waste or giveaway!
Use Famco for Seasonal or Nationality Products
Whether its pepperoni, Italian sausage, Polish sausage or Bratwurst, Famco links 75 feet of stuffed product per minute. The full size Model Y Famco can produce links up to 14 inches in length and 36 mm in diameter. All Famos adjust automatically to casing diameters.

Production of Sheep
Casing Franks

The Model Y Famco links sheep
casing franks fast without need for skilled labor. Every Famco is built
to last, designed to be easy to
clean and to run efficiently with a minimum of down time.
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For best results, please contact us. We'll build just the type and capacity equipment you'll need, taking into account type of sausage and casing, lengths and diameter of your products, method of cut, etc. and will ship as soon as possible.
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